New AI Technology ‘Agroview’ Named UF Invention of the Year (UF/IFAS Blogs)

New AI Technology ‘Agroview’ Named UF Invention of the Year

Yiannis Ampatzidis and his research team combined their collective minds to find artificial intelligence technology to best help farmers save money and better care for their crops.

Out of that process, they invented a system known as Agroview.

The system utilizes images from drones and satellites and from the ground – along with artificial intelligence — to assess plant stress, count and categorize plants based on their height and canopy area and estimate plant nutrient content. Agroview can reduce data collection and analysis time and cost by up to 90% compared to the manual data collection, Ampatzidis said.

“Florida and U.S. growers can use this novel technology to count plants and predict yield, to detect stressed plant zones earlier and to develop maps for precision and variable-rate fertilizer applications,” said Ampatzidis, a UF/IFAS assistant professor of agricultural and biological engineering. “The maps can optimally apply fertilizers, reduce application cost and reduce environmental impact.”

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