Emerging Ag Enterprises in Florida Set for Growth (Growing Produce)

Emerging Ag Enterprises in Florida Set for Growth

There is no shortage of commodities produced by Florida. There are literally hundreds. But, there’s always room for more, right? A new UF/IFAS grant program is set to provide ample backing in funds and know-how to further research and education of emerging agricultural enterprises in the state.

Titled “Support for Emerging Enterprise Development Integration Teams” (SEEDIT), the program’s 19 projects total almost $1.24 million and include 176 faculty and staff, 14 UF/IFAS academic units, and seven research and education centers. According to UF/IFAS, the projects represent diverse and novel agricultural sectors including vanilla, hops, specialty pumpkins, high-tunnel veggies, and more.

“There is a desire for alternative crops and enterprises by our stakeholders around the state,” said Robert Gilbert, UF/IFAS dean for research. “We developed the idea of research and extension working together to identify choke points and alleviate economic barriers to grow these different enterprises.”

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