A Burp Could Improve Climate Crisis (News Chief)

A Burp Could Improve Climate Crisis

Nicolas DiLorenzo bottles cow burps and measures them for methane. That’s not as low-brow as it sounds.

Cows’ role as greenhouse gas emitters burst into the popular consciousness with the much-reported release of draft Green New Deal talking points that singled out cows as climate culprits. It galvanized a larger debate over the impact of livestock.

Thus, the burp bottling. DiLorenzo believes that a change in cow diet can make them less gassy, and that’s good for the planet.

The work of DiLorenzo, an animal scientist with the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences in Marianna, can inform a new way of food production in Polk County and beyond known as climate-smart agriculture. It makes farming one of the solutions to the climate crisis and less of a contributor to it.

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