How to Mentally Cope With the Coronavirus (U.S. News)

How to Mentally Cope With the Coronavirus

Beyond making people sick, the coronavirus has spurred anxiety and panic as it spreads across the globe and in the United States. But Sherry Benton, founder and chief science officer of online therapy provider TAO Connect, a UF startup, says the paranoia surrounding the potential pandemic is vastly overblown.

“You’ve got to step back and make sure that your fear and your anxiety about this is in proportion to what’s actually happening,” Benton says. “It’s like, what are you telling yourself, what are you pulling out of the news versus what’s really going on.”

Benton spoke with U.S. News about how learning of a potential pandemic may psychologically and physiologically impact U.S. residents, as well as how people should cope with any distress they may be feeling in light of the latest U.S. coronavirus updates.

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