IC2 Enters the PXI Systems Alliance (PR Newswire)

IC2 Enters the PXI Systems Alliance

UF startup Interdisciplinary Consulting Corporation (IC2), a technology-development company commercializing miniaturized instrumentation that monitors health of aerospace propulsion systems and enables reduced aircraft noise and improved fuel efficiency, is now a registered member of the PXI System Alliance (PXISA) and has initiated sales of its PXI product line. PXI (PCI eXtentions for Instrumentation) products are modular systems for test and measurement applications that provide the end-user with unprecedented automation, accuracy, and repeatability. PXI devices enable small form factors for clean, undistorted analog and digital test and measurement products and provide digital control systems to automate quality data acquisition.

IC2 has incorporated the PXI standard into two of its products thus far (its DirectShear Control Unit and 8-Channel IEPE Signal Conditioner) and plans to expand these offerings in the coming months. “By using the PXI standard for our instrumentation, we are able to reduce our physical footprint on the customer’s lab table, while maintaining the performance we strive to deliver,” says Chip Patterson, IC2’s senior electrical engineer. As a part of IC2’s broader product strategy, PXI card options will be available for all of its sensor offerings moving forward.

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