SharpSpring Implementing “Performance-Based” Workweek (WCJB TV20)

SharpSpring Implementing “Performance-Based” Workweek

UF startup SharpSpring, Inc., a leading cloud-based marketing automation platform for digital marketing agencies, is changing the way employees view their work schedule by moving from a time-based workweek to a performance-based one.

The changes are intended to reward employees who are able to reach their weekly goals without being tied to a typical 40-hour week. Company leaders hope it will lead to a four-day workweek for most employees.

“Essentially what we’re saying is if an employee meets a certain level of production in their specific role, we want to give time back to that employee,” said SharpSpring founder Rick Carlson. “What are we paying for? Are we paying for time or are we paying for production? We think that we’re paying for the value that they add to the company.”

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