Job Interview Anxiety: How to Cope (Glassdoor Blog)

Job Interview Anxiety: How to Cope

Sweaty palms. Rapid breathing. Trouble concentrating. These are just a few of the symptoms of job interview anxiety. When speaking with a recruiter or hiring manager, the goal is to sound and appear confident, in control. Anxiety can come across as a chink in the armor.

“Job interviews cause stress and anxiety because, no matter how experienced someone is, there’s still a pressure to perform,” says Dr. Sherry Benton, founder and chief science officer of UF startup and UF Innovate | The Hub alum TAO Connect. “Interviewers can generally make the assumption that a candidate is uncomfortable without them having to verbalize it. It’s completely normal to feel nervous during a job interview, so it’s best to avoid talking about it and instead focus on managing it.”

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