Vic Keller Becomes New Optym CEO (Business Wire)

Vic Keller Becomes New Optym CEO

UF startup Optym, a privately-held world leader in new-generation optimization software solutions, has appointed Dallas-based Vic Keller as chief executive officer. Ravi Ahuja, Ph.D., founder of Optym and a professor at the University of Florida, has been appointed to chief science officer. For over 20 years, Keller has established, grown and operationally optimized national and international companies.

“Vic is the right person to lead Optym given his strong leadership and breadth of business experience,” said Ahuja. “Under Vic’s leadership, Optym will augment its superior software development capabilities with leading sales and marketing strategies and enter into new industry verticals. Together, we will grow Optym exponentially. While I will focus on science, Vic will focus on the business, and this marriage of science and business will create extraordinary products.”