Four of 16 Cade Prize Finalists Are Local (The Gainesville Sun)

Four of 16 Cade Prize Finalists Are Local

Four of the Sweet 16 finalist for the annual Cade Prize are local companies.

Cade officials said in a news release Friday that the Sweet 16 finalist expo will be held April 10 and the Final Four will be honored at the Inventivity Bash May 18.

The Cade Prize rewards inventors and entrepreneurs who demonstrate creative approaches to problems.

The four local companies include:

Anchor Biologics, for using enzymes to suppress inflammatory diseases,

NiekAab Desal LLC, for its pocket-sized, customizable water quality sensor and treatment analysis device,

Auxadyne, for creating foam that expands under pressure for use in medical devices and protective equipment, and

UF startup Florida Insect Control Group LLC, for virus-spreading urban mosquito control.

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