Area Companies Innovating Medicine and Patient Care (Wellness360 Magazine)

Area Companies Innovating Medicine and Patient Care

Imagine a medical company dedicated to repairing peripheral nerve damage that could save the arm of a battle-injured U.S. soldier, or another that created a blood test for detecting concussions. Another company is working fervently to create a vaccine to prevent and/or reverse Type 1 diabetes while a digital health company has developed a patented pill with a sensor that can be tracked to determine if a patient has taken the prescribed medication. What do these companies have in common? They are all located in or can tie their roots to greater Gainesville.

These are medical companies working to make real impacts for consumers and patients across the globe. Through the ascension of the University of Florida’s research and health missions, a burgeoning Gainesville medical community and the growth of innovation and business incubators, both established and new medical companies are developing solutions to real-world patient problems.

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