Cannabis Users Drive High, and Crashes Are on the Rise (CFN Media)

Cannabis Users Drive High, and Crashes Are on the Rise

As cannabis legalization spreads across North America, there is a growing realization of the public safety issues surrounding widespread use of the legalized drug. Even cannabis consumers admit that driving under the influence of marijuana can be dangerous, but in general they do it anyway. Public health officials have launched educational campaigns, but the entrenched idea among cannabis users that the drug is not as dangerous as alcohol is hard to overcome. Add to that the technical difficulties surrounding the testing of THC levels and impairment, and it is easy to see why public health officials see a safety crisis that only promises to grow before practical solutions can be found.

UF startup Cannabix Technologies, Inc. is advancing a marijuana breathalyzer the company hopes will solve a major part of the current cannabis safety issue. By providing a reliable and convenient roadside testing solution, Cannabix hopes to give law enforcement and employers the tools they currently lack to accurately determine recent marijuana use at the point of care. Combined with continued public education, such a tool could clear up a lot of the grey areas currently surrounding the issue of driving under the influence of legal cannabis and help keep our roads safer.

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