Diabetic Kitchen® Expands Footprint to Walmart.com

Diabetic Kitchen® Expands Footprint to Walmart.com (PRWeb)

UF Innovate | The Hub resident client Diabetic Kitchen, an internet-based company that develops and markets low-carb, keto-friendly foods for diabetics and others interested in healthy food choices, has been accepted as a Marketplace Seller at Walmart.com. The giant retailer recently reported a 43 percent spike in their e-commerce efforts due to strong grocery sales.

Walmart’s move to take on Amazon with a multi-billion-dollar investment presents a great opportunity for Diabetic Kitchen, according to Founder and CEO, Vic Johnson. “Diabetic Kitchen started selling on Amazon at just the right time as demand for healthy comfort food choices began growing for those with limited options. This expansion of our footprint with Walmart.com feels the same way. We fully expect to be huge beneficiaries of Walmart’s impressive commitment to growing their online sales,” said Johnson.

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