ViewRay MRI Guides Brachytherapy Planning

ViewRay MRI Guides Brachytherapy Planning (PhysicsWorld)

A team of clinicians at the University of Wisconsin have used a ViewRay MRI-guided radiotherapy system to perform brachytherapy planning for cervical cancer. So, what motivated the team to use the UF startup’s system to perform brachytherapy planning? And how does use of the system fit time-wise alongside its use for treatments?

Writing in the journal Brachytherapy, the authors present the results of some 142 fractions of intracavitary brachytherapy, performed between April 2015 and January 2017 on 29 cervical cancer patients – the first ever clinical use of ViewRay-guided brachytherapy (Brachytherapy 10.1016/j.brachy.2018.04.005). They conclude that “time to treatment using this approach was shorter compared to diagnostic MRI” and that the ViewRay system also provided “significant advantage in visualizing the tumour and cervix compared to CT.”

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