Morphogenesis, Inc. Raises $16M to Advance into Human Clinical Trials (BioFlorida)

UF startup Morphogenesis, Inc., a Tampa, FL-based immunotherapy company closed a $16 million Series A investment round led by Dr. Kiran Patel and KP Biotech Group, a company managed by Dr. Kiran Patel. With the completion of the Series A Round, Dr. Kiran Patel was elected Chairman of the Board of Morphogenesis.  

Newly elected Chairman Dr. Patel reacted to the closing by saying, “It’s extremely rewarding to reach this point with the Morphogenesis team who have been pursuing such formidable endeavors in biotechnology that will put Tampa on the map. Interest in this investment was strong but we had to cap at $16M. I have been investing in the Company for over five years now with a strong belief in the work Pat and Mike have undertaken. The successful outcomes from their companion animal and mouse studies have resulted in a green light by the FDA to move into Phase 1b of human clinical trials.”