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Follow these five steps to join UF Innovate | The Hub

Thank you for your interest in UF Innovate | The Hub! Our application process is straightforward but thorough, as we want to ensure that every company joining the Hub can fully benefit from our services.

Review the Client Benefits.

Included in your residence space: 

  • Ultra high-speed internet access
  • Category 6 cabling to each office
  • Multiple conference rooms of various sizes
  • Videoconferencing equipment
  • Laboratories, light manufacturing space, bulk & individual office space
  • Flexible space licenses
  • Emergency generator
  • High-capacity HVAC (single-pass air in labs)
  • 3 autoclave rooms
  • Distilled water, ice machine, flammable storage, chemical fume hoods
  • Partnership with the Sid Martin Biotechnology Institute with over $2mm of shared scientific equipment
  • Janitorial services (limited)
  • Staffed visitor reception desk
  • Private locking mailbox & package acceptance
  • 24-hour security and electronic access
  • UF rates for supercomputer usage, ICBR facility, animal care
  • On-site technical assistance and advising
  • Gas, water, electric, sewer (utilities)
  • Local phone service (optional)
  • Break rooms and kitchens
  • Some offices to be furnished (slight additional cost)
  • Free parking
  • Bicycle racks & showers
  • Central - downtown location
  • Gator1 with GatorPerks benefits
  • Discounted services from various vendors
  • Educational & networking event
  • Private offices
  • Coffee bar (free coffee!)

Other optional services available at additional cost:

  • Shared fax available
  • Shared copier available
  • Clerical services available
  • IT assistance available
  • Human Resources assistance
  • Marketing and market research assistance
  • Financial & accounting assistance
  • Business plan composition assistance
  • Availability of interns (summer semester)

Review the Resident Client Requirements.

The following criteria reflect the “minimum” requirements for consideration for admission into UF Innovate | The Hub. Meeting these criteria is no guarantee of admission; after a full application and business concept statement are received, the Advisory Board will meet to discuss further action. Generally, you will receive an answer within a two-week period from Management and/or the Advisory Board. These criteria are provided only as a guideline for application.

  • The applicant’s technology is well-protected and exclusive, without any existing interferences or infringements.
  • The applicant’s technology is focused on a potential commercial application.
  • The applicant has adequate capitalization (in the bank) to provide for six (6) months of viable operation and a plan for further financial stability; can pay at least six (6) months of rent to the Incubator; and has a viable financial plan for the company.
  • The applicant’s business plan (or business concept) addresses the following:
    • Potential markets & their size
    • Growth potential for each product line
    • Financial pro formas
    • Personnel growth & acquisition plan for the next three (3) years
    • Exit strategies and how those will be accomplished
    • The economic development potential for the State of Florida and the state of the business, plan and exit strategy
  • The applicant’s management has sufficient technical expertise in the field.
  • The applicant demonstrates the appropriate mix of qualified personnel in market management, financial management and employee management.
  • The applicant supports & enhances the educational mission of the University of Florida & its affiliates
    • Through hiring or internships, or
    • Through board membership, or
    • Through licensing or acquisition of services
  • The applicant fits within the operational model of the facility, including: Space requirements (less than 6,000 sf), timely rent payment, insurance, equipment or facility requirements, and any other requirements as deemed necessary by the Director.
  • The applicant does not exceed space available or does not need special arrangements that cannot be supplied.

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