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Hub anchor client to collaborate on vaccine verification
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Uniting North Central Florida entrepreneurs for the benefit of all
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Dr. Christine Schmidt and Dr. Philip Koehler named 2018 Fellows
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Dr. Mavis Agbandje-McKenna named Innovator of the Year
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Developed in UF collaboration, gene therapy gets FDA approval for use in restoring vision
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Moving discoveries from the laboratory to the market
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FDA recently approved Banyan BTI (Brain Trauma Indicator), developed by UF researchers

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UF Innovate is building business on innovation. It is the umbrella organization uniting the four entities that drive the innovation ecosystem at UF. Based at one of the nation’s leading research institutions, UF Innovate comprises Tech Licensing, Ventures, and two business incubators, The Hub and Sid Martin Biotech. Together, those organizations move research discoveries from the laboratory to the market. UF Innovate connects innovators with entrepreneurs, investors and industry, incubates startups and growth companies, and fosters a resilient economy — all in an effort to make the world a better place.

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