Our Startups & Growth Companies

Startups and growth companies at The Hub share a dream of making the world a better place through their businesses. As they grow, they attract investment dollars, create jobs, and grow the economy. Whether you need space for 10 employees or just yourself, or you want to participate in programs and events without opening an office here, we have options for you.

Resident Clients

Our Resident Clients range from startups in their early formative stages to growth companies starting to reshape industries. Whether partnering with international space agencies or launching digital healthcare apps, our Resident Clients prove that ideas successfully grow and thrive at The Hub. Learn more about individual Resident Clients below.

Photo of 42Bio 42Bio

42Bio is a biomedical tech company combining biomaterials, magnetic nanotechnologies and growth factors to address existing barriers to research and clinical translation in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Contact: Jon Dobson, Co-CEO
Website: https://42bio.com/


AAVANTIBio is a biotechnology company developing gene therapy for the debilitating neuromuscular disease known as Friedreich’s Ataxia (FA).

Contact: Manuela Corti
Website: https://aavantibio.com/

Photo of Admiral Adblock Publisher Solutions Admiral Adblock Publisher Solutions

Admiral is a software-as-a-service company built around making cutting-edge advertising technologies accessible to online publishers everywhere.

Contact: Dan Rua, CEO
Website: https://getadmiral.com/

Photo of Agriculture Intelligence Agriculture Intelligence

Agriculture Intelligence is a precision agriculture science company combining machine vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to provide cloud-based, precision data for specialty crops. It is the global license holder of the Agroview smart agriculture platform.

Contact: Matt Donovan, CEO
Website: https://www.agroview.ai/

Photo of aha Pure Foods aha Pure Foods

aha Pure Foods is a dietary health company integrating medicinal herbs, spices and vegetables into delicious, natural soups packed with vital nutrients, antioxidants, probiotics and fiber.

Contact: Chris Valdes, CEO
Website: https://ahapurefoods.com/

Photo of Atmosphere Apps Atmosphere Apps

Atmosphere Apps is a mobile app development company collaborating with organizations to create innovative products that help professionals work better.

Contact: Eric Poirier, CEO
Website: https://www.atmosphereapps.com/

Photo of AuxThera, LLC AuxThera, LLC

AuxThera is a therapeutic development company bringing medical food and drug products to the market for overweight companion animals and humans. AuxThera’s flagship product is Trimauxil™, a weight-loss product for companion dogs.

Contact: Albert Fosmoe, CEO
Website: https://trimauxil.com/

Photo of BACCH Labs BACCH Labs

BACCH Laboratories, Inc. creates 3D audio software that places perceived sound sources anywhere, enabling the augmented reality of sound.

Contact: James Mentz, CEO
Website: https://bacch.com/

Photo of Bridgerock Data Bridgerock Data

Bridgerock Data is a data science company working with direct-to-consumer brands to execute high impact data science projects — monthly, weekly, whenever you need them.

Contact: J. Bryan Scott
Website: https://bridgerockdata.com/

Photo of Byppo Technologies Byppo Technologies

BYPPO aspires to make an all-inclusive platform for discovering new local eats. We partner with the best local restaurants in town to provide our users with a seamless food ordering experience. Our team members are all food enthusiasts hoping to help small, qualified restaurants grow and hungry users happy.

Contact: Victoria Liu, CEO
Website: https://www.byppo.com/

Photo of Century 22 Solutions Century 22 Solutions

Century 22 Solutions is a HUBZone-based small business integrating technologies and services to solve the most pressing challenges governments and commercial businesses face. C22 has core capabilities in systems integrations, R&D, UAV design and development, and soft diplomacy support.

Contact: Walter Adams, CEO
Website: https://century22solutions.com/

Photo of Diabetic Kitchen Diabetic Kitchen

Diabetic Kitchen develops and distributes delicious real food for healthy lifestyles. Their low carb, keto-friendly choices are perfect for diabetics, those with gluten
intolerance, and anyone interested in healthy food alternatives.

Contact: Vic Johnson, Co-Founder
Website: https://diabetickitchen.com/

Photo of Enfoglobe Enfoglobe

Enfoglobe is a software company providing teaching simulators with custom animations, games, VR, and complex data analytics portals for research, medical and government industries.

Contact: Margaret Andraka, CEO
Website: enfoglobe.com

Photo of Engineer Inc. Engineer Inc.

Engineer Inc. is an education technology social enterprise that develops, manufactures, and distributes instructional laboratory kits and hands-on curricula to teach remote, hybrid, and in-person learners enrolled in college-level engineering lab courses and K-12 STEM programs.

Contact:: Matthew Traum, CEO
Website: https://engineerinc.net/

Photo of Essential Validation Services Essential Validation Services

Essential Validation Services is a third-party independent laboratory specializing in affordable quality assurance testing of essential oils, creating transparency throughout the supply chain and ensuring integrity within the essential oil industry.

Contact: Adam Christensen, CEO
Website: https://essentialvalidationservices.com/

Photo of etectRX etectRX

etectRx, Inc. is a digital health company that has developed a patented ingestible event marker (the ID-Cap System) to uniquely provide real-time dose-level medication ingestion verification.

Contact: Harry Travis, President & CEO
Website: https://etectrx.com/

Photo of GolokGlobal GolokGlobal

GOLOK is a cloud consulting and product development company focusing on ERP on Cloud. One of our products includes BERYMO, a ridesharing and shipping app.

Contact: Vish Mutluru, CEO
Website: http://www.golokglobal.com

Photo of Imprint Genius Imprint Genius

Imprint Genius is a promotional item and custom apparel company producing unique, tech-focused swag for the modern-day marketer.

Contact: Isaac Hetzroni, CEO
Website: https://imprintgenius.com/

Photo of Innova Leaf Innova Leaf

Innova Leaf Creative Solutions is a creative video agency offering professional animated video content, promotional video solutions, and different video production services. We specialize in producing animated explainer videos and promotional marketing videos aimed at describing your product or service in a way that will bring your business to a broader audience helping your clients to take action.

Contact: Juan Carlos Tafur-Mejia
Website: https://www.innovaleaf.com

Photo of InnovaCorium InnovaCorium

Innovacorium Inc. is biotech company developing a pharmacological product for regenerative therapy of the oral cavity, particularly for the treatment of oral mucositis induced by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Contact: Tiago Seixas da Silva, President

Photo of iOncologi iOncologi

iOncologi, Inc. (iOi) is a biotechnology company specializing in immuno-oncology. Launched as a ‘spin-out’ cancer immunotherapy firm from UF, iOi’s founders have developed a novel stem cell therapy that overcomes resistance to immune checkpoint inhibitors in multiple cancers.

Contact: Duane Mitchell, founder and president
Website: https://ioncologi.com/immuno-oncology-biotech

Photo of Kairos Transportation Kairos Transportation

Kairos Transportation is a service company coordinating transportation for the medical transfer of non-emergency patients.

Contacts: Alexis Aguilar, CEO, and Jesus Molina, Co-CEO

Photo of L&L Biotechnology L&L Biotechnology

L&L Biotech is a biotechnology company identifying drug candidates and developing tools and reagents using comparative genomics and systems biology. Projects include identifying candidates that can suppress inflammation associated with autoimmune diseases and epigenetic modulators that can specifically de-repress tumor suppressor genes.

Contact: Lily Zhou, CEO

Photo of Martinson Machine Martinson Machine

Martinson Machine is using active intelligence to revolutionize energy resourcefulness, balance renewables, create greater awareness, and connect the Internet of Things. Through our innovative technology and services, we are working to create more insightful utilities, smarter cities and a more resourceful world.

Contact: Rodrigo Martinson, CEO
Website: https://martinsonmachine.com

Photo of Mattrix Technologies Mattrix Technologies

Mattrix Technologies is a semiconductor device company developing revolutionary pixel architectures for the interactive displays of tomorrow.

Contact: Max Lemaitre, Founder & CEO
Website: https://www.mattrixtech.com/

Photo of Micro Nano Technologies Micro Nano Technologies

Micro Nano Technologies (MNT) is an energy company developing industry-changing membrane-based absorption technologies to address residential and commercial water heating, cooling and dehumidification demand.

Contact: Michael Schmid, CEO
Website: https://www.mntusa.com/

Photo of Modernized Mobile Modernized Mobile

Modernized Mobile (MoMo) is a digital solutions company producing mobile apps and software solutions for business owners.

Contact: Marlana Armstrong
Website: https://modernizedmobile.com/

Photo of NanoPhotonica NanoPhotonica

NanoPhotonica is a materials science technology company providing innovative nano-materials and fabrication techniques that enable electronic displays to have high resolution, pure, vivid colors, and high efficiency at significantly reduced manufacturing cost.

Contact: Chris Morton, CEO
Website: https://nanophotonica.com/

Photo of Oxidien Oxidien

Oxidien Pharmaceuticals is a Phase 2 clinical trial-ready company that addresses an unmet patient need in the renal space.

Contact: Helena Cowley
Website: https://www.oxidien.com/

Photo of Precision Silver Precision Silver

Precision Silver is an agriculture technology company deploying robotic data collection systems, computer vision, and machine learning algorithms to deliver precise scientific measurements at field scale.

Contact: Taylor Glenn, President
Website: https://www.precisionsilver.com/

Photo of RAPiD Genomics RAPiD Genomics

RAPiD Genomics is a DNA genotyping and genetic data analysis company providing tools for agricultural companies and researchers to quickly breed and grow ideal crops and livestock, giving researchers and farmers the ability to predict the value of a plant or animal even before the seed germinates or the animal is born.

Contact: Leandro Neves, CEO
Website: https://rapid-genomics.com/home/

Photo of Raytheon Raytheon

Raytheon Company is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, civil government and cybersecurity solutions.

Contact: Mark Sanders, Operations Manager
Website: https://www.raytheon.com/

Photo of Satlantis Satlantis

SATLANTIS is a New Space specialist who provides proven high performance payload technologies to enable the development of high spatial and temporal resolution services for earth observation and teledetection.

Contact: Rafael Guzman, CEO
Website: https://www.satlantis.com/

Photo of SCAD Media SCAD Media

SCAD Media, LLC is a multifaceted advertising and communications agency delivering unique brand development, website production, graphic design, and video production services.

Contact: Alexander Ganz, CEO
Website: https://www.scad-media.com/

Photo of Silicon Assurance Silicon Assurance

Silicon Assurance LLC is a hardware security company that provides computer-aided design (CAD) tools to mitigate the security challenges facing the semiconductor industry and its customers. We strongly believe that tools to ensure secure-by-design of microelectronics are essential for assuring trust in modern computing devices.

Contact: Raj Gautam Dutta, CEO
Website: https://siliconassurance.com

Photo of Slice Engineering Slice Engineering

Slice Engineering is a design and engineering company focused on developing cutting edge technologies for the additive manufacturing (3D printing) industry.

Contact: Dan Barousse, Co-Founder and CEO
Website: https://www.sliceengineering.com/

Photo of StemVivo StemVivo

StemVivo is a biotechnology company that is dedicated to providing high-quality, cost-effective cellular and biological products to scientists.

Contact: Thomas Moss, Director
Website: https://www.stemvivoinc.com/

Photo of Tera Insights Tera Insights

Tera Insights, a UF Research Computing partner, is the firm behind the ResVault system. Tera Insights provides NIST compliant data storage, encrypted virtual machines, and secure HPC solutions.

Contact: Thomas Samant, CMO
Website: https://terainsights.com/

Photo of txtsignal txtsignal

txtsignal is a software-as-a-service platform that connects any organization to its audience through SMS text messaging.

Contact: Matthew Donovan, Founder & CEO
Website: https://txtsignal.com/

Photo of Vertaeon Vertaeon

Vertaeon is a software as a service company offering a comprehensive web-based solution for supply chain risk and impact analytics to identify vulnerabilities and related cost/brand impacts for complex supply chains.

Contact: Rekha Menon-Varma, CEO
Website: https://www.vertaeon.com/

Anchor Clients

Photo of Collaboratory for Women Innovators Collaboratory for Women Innovators

The Collaboratory for Women Innovators provides programs and resources to help inspire, educate, and empower women to attain leadership positions in all phases of the innovation lifecycle.

Contact: Austin Allbritton, program manager
Website: https://innovate.research.ufl.edu/the-hub/collaboratory/

Photo of Loss Prevention Research Council Loss Prevention Research Council

The Loss Prevention Research Council is a “tactical to practical” company that conducts research to develop crime and loss control solutions to improve the performance of its members and the industry.

Contact: Richard Hayes, CEO
Website: https://lpresearch.org/

Photo of Starter Space Starter Space

Starter Space is a community of passionate, collaborative entrepreneurs and change-makers. We supply the space, you provide the creativity, and together we innovate.

Contact: Kurana Payal
Website: https://starterspace.com/