Programs Overview

Here at the Collaboratory, we have different types of programming to fit your needs. Are you looking for a co-working space with guided coaching? Are you looking to flush out your business idea? Do you just want to dip your toes in and come for a few hours to find out more about potential opportunities or learn more about a particular topic? The Collaboratory offers a variety of options ranging from structured programming to informal networking, workshop and speaker sessions. Our programming will continue to evolve, so check in to see what’s happening.

Gender – Inclusive. While the Collaboratory has a focus on women, we also offer programming that is non-gender specific. In the future, we hope to have programming focused on the male experiences navigating this evolving landscape as well.

Collaboratory Workshops and Offerings

The Collaboratory will offer special topic workshops designed to address the needs and demands of the community of women entrepreneurs and innovators. Special topic speakers, subject matter experts, successful entrepreneurs and investors will contribute to the growth and development of women innovators on our campus, in our community and nationally.

Core Programs

Collaboratory Membership Program

Designed for women who have a company or are working on launching a startup, the Collaboratory Membership program provides mentoring, coaching, strategic business guidance, resources and general support. Assistance with developing business plans, investor pitches, targeting customers, market research setting up your business, marketing, networking and much more.

Criteria: Women and female-identifying individuals who currently have an active company with growth potential or are working on launching a company. Apply Here to Become a Collaboratory Member.

Empowering Women in Technology Startups™ (EWITS™)

EWITS is a 10-week, hands-on experiential learning program that teaches women foundational business, commercialization, and teamwork skills. Participants from various disciplines work as part of a team and gain valuable insights in researching and understanding a real technology, writing a business plan, and going through a simulated exercise of creating a company. Launched in 2012, EWITS has developed a strong alumni network of past participants, mentors, speakers and supporters. The program has received national recognition, including being named by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) as one of the leading programs in the country making an impact in gender innovation.

StartUp Roadmap – Helping Entrepreneurs Chart their Course for Launching or Growing Early Stage Ventures

StartUp Roadmap is for both women and men who want hands on experience in launching a growth oriented, scalable venture. The course is based on the internationally recognized Wendy Kennedy Curriculum, and is augmented with mentoring and networking for maximum impact. StartUp Roadmap is also designed to provide critical, next-stage training for Ewits graduates. Learn more here. Apply at StartUp Roadmap.

Research (SBIR) Workshop

A full-day SBIR workshop will teach participants how to garner proof-of-concept funding to enable them to further develop their technologies into marketable products. An SBIR expert will conduct the training, enabling more SBIR applications and grantees. The SBIR program is an important federally funded grant program that supports the commercialization of small business research. Each year, twelve federal agencies allocate a percentage of their spending to SBIR grants, designed to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship by women innovators and others, and in general, to increase commercialization of federal research funding by the private sector. To be notified about upcoming SBIR/STTR workshops, please complete the notification form.

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