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Key strategic elements are critical to the earlystage biotechnology company’s growth and success. UF Innovate | Sid Martin Biotech helps companies overcome barriers and move scientific discoveries to the marketplace more quickly and affordably by providing laboratory space, introductions to investors, early recruitment of experienced leadership, networking opportunities, seminars and much more.

Creating a successful biotech company is never easy but we’ll be here for you – providing best practices in facilities, mentoring, advising and growth strategies for your company, each step of the way.

Resident Clients

Approved companies take residence in our research complex in Alachua, Florida, and may use all of our facilities, equipment and services. Learn more about individual Resident Clients below.

Photo of Aavet Therapeutics Aavet Therapeutics

Aavet Therapeutics is developing a safe and effective antigen-based immunotherapy program using a common immunization procedure for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Contact: Richard Wagner, CEO
Website: http://aavett.com/

Photo of AlfaChemInvent AlfaChemInvent

AlfaChemInvent, LLC is a start-up chemical company with a broad range of expertise in organic synthesis, natural products, and drug discovery. AlfaChemInvent conducts original chemical research in life science as well as material science. The company provides contract research and manufacturing services which includes synthesis of novel organic compounds and drugs, methods development, scale up and manufacturing.

Contact: George Nikonov, President & CEO

Photo of Avekshan Avekshan

Avekshan LLC is a pharmaceutical company developing efficacious and safe treatments for neuropsychiatric conditions affecting children and adults. Currently Avekshan is developing a non-stimulant, non-addictive drug for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Current generation of stimulant medications available for the treatment of ADHD suffer from serious drawbacks including potential for misuse, abuse and addiction. Although stimulants are highly effective, the drawbacks limit their acceptance and use. The rate of ADHD diagnosis is on the rise worldwide, highlighting an urgent need for safe and efficacious treatments. Avekshan is committed to fulfilling this critical global need.

Contact: Pradeep G. Bhide, Ph.D., Founder & President
Website: http://avekshan.com/

Photo of BioInfoExperts, LLC BioInfoExperts, LLC

BioInfoExperts LLC provides connected services and technologies related to detecting and monitoring pathogens in communities and the health care industry. We collaborate with research groups at the National Institutes of Health, the University of Florida, the University of California at San Francisco, the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Johns Hopkins University and the AIDS and Cancer Specimen Resource, among others.

Contact: Susanna Lamers, CEO
Website: http://bioinfox.com/

Photo of Clearikon Clearikon

Clear Care Products, Inc., d.b.a. Clearikon, will sell Clearikon Equine Therapy™ products to veterinarians to markedly reduce the healing time and improve the quality of care for horses with chronic wounds.

Contact: Karl Zawoy, CEO
Website: https://www.clearikon.com/

Photo of Curtiss Healthcare Curtiss Healthcare

Curtiss Healthcare is biopharmaceutical company developing a platform of new vaccines designed to help make our world a safer place through technologies that improve food quality and safety and help treat and prevent serious infections in humans and animals.

Contact: Thomas Bigger, CEO

Photo of Entrinsic Bioscience Entrinsic Bioscience

Entrinsic Bioscience leverages gold standard science and game-changing amino acid technology to address critical digestive and hydration related health concerns for individuals and animals around the world. Entrinsic Health Solutions is changing the medical community’s understanding of how the body hydrates, nourishes and heals itself by bringing disruptive technology to the science of digestive health. Through primary research conducted in concert with clinical research organizations that include NASA, the U.S. Army and the University of Florida, Entrinsic Health Solutions began challenging conventional thinking about hydration and its impact on digestive function.

Contact: Stephen Gatto, CEO
Website: https://entrinsicbioscience.com/

Photo of Erivan Bio, LLC Erivan Bio, LLC

EriVan Bio is a biopharmaceutical company developing exosome-based diagnostic, therapeutic and drug delivery systems for unmet medical needs with a focus on cancer and regenerative medicine. EriVan Bio works on the production of exosomes as targeted vehicles for the delivery of therapeutic molecules to cancer cells. EriVan Bio provides quality exosomes to its customers for different applications in an ethical and profitable manner.

Contact: Nasser Nassiri Koopaei, Co-Founder & Member
Website: https://erivanbio.com/


FLUCEL is a biopharmaceutical company that is developing patient-friendly, self-administered intradermal vaccine patches focused on preventing infectious diseases.


Photo of GenomeGyde, LLC GenomeGyde, LLC

GenomeGyde, LLC specializes in the development and commercialization of novel diagnostic biomarkers and tests. We offer pharmacogenetic/genetic testing and consulting for the public and private sectors. GenomeGyde works closely with clinicians to provide quick and cost-effective services and with researchers to further advance their genetic diagnostic technologies.

Contact: Maulik Shah, President

Photo of Lacerta Therapeutics Lacerta Therapeutics

Lacerta Therapeutics is a startup gene therapy company dedicated to the development of innovative therapies for diseases of the Central Nervous System (CNS) that will provide long term efficacy to patients. The company will initially focus on rare diseases caused by single gene defects, where it believes its technology will have a major impact on patient’s lives. Its lead programs are focused on Pompe’s Disease (GAA deficiency), N-acetyl-glucosaminidase (NAGLU) deficiency (Sanfilippo Syndrome Type B) and spinal cerebellar ataxia (SCA). The company also has a development program for Alzheimer’s disease.

Contact: Dr. Joseph Reddy, President & CEO
Website: http://www.lacertatherapeutics.com/

Photo of Medosome Biotec, LLC Medosome Biotec, LLC

The mission of Medosome Biotec, LLC (“MBT”) is to develop and commercialize technologies that enrich the lives of children by providing solutions to childhood diseases, disabilities, and deficiencies. MBT works in collaboration with the Department of Pediatrics and Department of Medicine in the College of Medicine at the University of Florida to expedite the commercialization of the technology created in these departments.

Contact: Richard Wagner, CEO
Website: http://www.mdbiotec.com/

Photo of Neobiosis Neobiosis

Neobiosis is a CDMO developing new drug applications with the FDA, producing therapeutic regenerative medicine products for human use. The company also has a pipeline of intellectual property developed by Dr. Ian White during his 20 years’ experience at the bench at Cornell University, Harvard, and University of Miami.

Contact: Ian White, President and Chief Scientific Officer
Website: http://www.neobiosis.com

Photo of OneVax, LLC OneVax, LLC

OneVax LLC is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company committed to developing novel and effective therapies for type 1 diabetes and other auto-immune diseases. OneVax has developed a propriety biomaterial vaccine delivery platform consisting of subcutaneously injectable PLGA microparticles (MPs) loaded with immunomodulatory agents capable of restoring immune tolerance and ultimately curing type 1 diabetes. OneVax’s therapy is minimally invasive, requires no cell isolation and storage and, due to its stable composition, has an extended shelf-life, simplifying manufacturing and shipping.

Contact: Mark Atkinson, CEO
Website: http://www.onevax.com/

Photo of Praesidio Pharma Praesidio Pharma

Praesidio plans to position itself as a leader in preclinical and early-clinical phase orphan-drug development for rare diseases, leveraging its strengths in cell culture, molecular biology, and pharmacogenetics to develop novel drug-screening methods, drugs, and genetic-testing assays. A focus of the company is to develop these technologies within the context of personalized medicine with an emphasis on developing and offering genotyping tests for diagnosing orphan diseases and providing personalized dosing of pharmaceutical drugs.

Contact: CEO Richard Wagner

Photo of Singh Molecular Medicine Singh Molecular Medicine

Singh Molecular Medicine is a pre-clinical biotech company developing unique therapeutic agents for the treatment of cancers, autoimmune, and ophthalmologic diseases by leveraging a disruptive technology single domain antibody (sdAb) platform.

Contact: Sunanda Singh, Founder, President and CEO
Website: http://www.singhbiotechnology.com/

Photo of TearClear TearClear

TearClear assures long-term eye-health by providing a safe and reliable means of delivering preservative-free ophthalmic drugs.

Contact: Howard Golub, Vice President of R&D
Website: https://tearclear.com/

Photo of Vet Bio Solutions Vet Bio Solutions

Vet Bio Solutions is a product development specialization company that designs and develops products in the Veterinary space. The company utilizes novel chemistries and biomaterials to generate products for the ophthalmic, surgical, orthopedic and wound care areas in the veterinary market.


Our Alumni


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Bikam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (acquired by Shire PLC 2014)
BioD (acquired by Derma Sciences 2016)
BioEnergy International, LLC. (spun out Myrant, now GC Innovation America)
Celunol (merged with Diversa/Verenium, then acquired by BP Fuels, then BASF 2008)
Chromozome (acquired by U.S. BioMaterials, then NovaBone 2002)
Curagen, Corp. (acquired by Celldex Therapeutics 2009)
DiaCarta, Inc.
EcoArray, Inc,  (acquired by Applied Food Technologies 2010)
EnCor Biotechnology, Inc.
EraGen Biosciences, Inc. (acquired by Luminex 2011)
GenoMechanix, LLC
Global Laboratories, Inc. (part of ABC Research Laboratories)
Hygreen, Inc. (spinout of Xhale, Inc.)
Integrated Plant Genetics, Inc.
IviGene, Corp. (acquired by Oragenics, Inc. [OGEN] 2006)
MLM Biologics Inc.
Morphogenesis, Inc.
NanoMedex, Inc.
Oceanyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Ology Bioservices
Oragenics, Inc. (NYSE:MKT-OGEN)
OxThera, Inc. (spinout of Ixion)
Pasteuria (acquired by Syngenta 2012)
Prevacus, Inc.
Sharklet Technologies, Inc. (acquired by Peaceful Union 2017)
St. Charles Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
SunPharm, Inc. (acquired by Geltex Pharmaceuticals 1999, then Genzyme 2000)
Tutogen Medical U.S. (merged with Regeneration Technologies 2008 to form RTI Biologics, now RTI Surgical)
Universal Air Technologies, Inc. (acquired by Lennox 2002)
Verenium (acquired by BP Fuels, then BASF 2008)
Xhale Diagnostics, Inc. (spun out Hygreen, Inc.)